PlaySight Closes $3.5m Investment To Fund Global Roll-Out of Game-Changing Sports Technology
Tennis Legends Novak Djokovic and Billie Jean King join World-Class Investors including Bill Ackman, Mark Ein and Others to Support the Growth of Fast-Growing and Affordable Tracking Technology

NEW YORK (May 19, 2014) –  PlaySight Interactive, an innovative sports technology Company and creators of an affordable, tennis analytic system (the ‘SmartCourt’), today announced the completion of a $3.5 million investment round from high-profile private investors including Novak Djokovic, Billie-Jean King, Bill Ackman, Mark Ein, Dr. Jim Loehr and others.  The new capital will fund a global roll-out of PlaySight’s SmartCourt technology for recreational and elite tennis, as well as research and development on applications in other popular sports beyond tennis.

“We are very proud to have such a powerful group of investors who share our vision of bringing elite player technology to the grassroots and club level,” said Chen Shachar, PlaySight CEO. “When we developed this technology we saw an opportunity to create an affordable, easy-to-install, cloud-based system for athletes of all levels to improve their game. In the same way that wearable tech devices and micro-cameras are transforming running and extreme sports, we are certain that SmartCourts will make tennis more engaging and fun. PlaySight combines advanced player analytics technology (PAT) with video-replay and social media to deliver an exceptional experience to the world’s 100 million tennis players. It will change the way we play ball-sports forever.”

“PlaySight has the potential to revolutionize the game of tennis as well as other sports through bringing the same sophisticated analytics available at the highest levels sports at a price point that makes it accessible to clubs and players of all levels around the globe,” said Mark Ein, CEO of growth investment holding company Venturehouse Group.  “Through this ‘video-gamification’ of sports, PlaySight will make the game more fun and appealing to new and casual players while providing an incredibly valuable training tool for the more frequent player.”

For someone who has really learned to love tennis over the last decade, I must admit that I was very excited when I first saw this new technology. While the list of investors is phenomenal, PlaySight is taking to the sport of tennis to an entirely new echelon. From the YouTube video attached, former tennis pro Gordon Uehling speaks about his experience with PlaySight and how it will benefit tennis players from all walks of life, whether they are competing to be full-time professionals or playing recreationally a few times a month. If I never had any desire to pull out my old tennis racket before, I certainly have it now thanks to this incredible new technology.

Speaking for the United States and Canada, the popularity of tennis has grown exponentially over the last few years. For Canada especially, the sport's increased popularity is due to, among other aspects, the breakthrough successes of rising stars Milos Raonic, Eugenie Bouchard and, most recently, Vasek Pospisil. With the introduction of PlaySight, said popularity will only grow further - and that is something all tennis fans, diehard or casual, should be very enthusiastic about.

For more information about PlaySight, visit their website today at, or follow them on Twitter @PlaySight.