After defeating Sam Groth in the opening round of the Aussie Open, Canadian Vasek Pospisil was up against another hometown opponent in Australian Matt Ebden in the second round of the tournament.

The Vancouver native didn't get off to a promising start, falling 6-3 in the opening set and, if that weren't enough, Pospisil appeared to be injured with an apparent back injury. Despite that, the 23-year-old did bounce back.

If nothing else, the second and third sets defined Vasek Pospisil as a warrior on the court. In the second, Pospisil and Edben went the distance with the Canadian winning 7-6 (8-6). Even better, the two battled it out in the next set with the Canadian once again prevailing, 7-6 (11-9). Whatever afflictions Pospisil was suffering from certainly wasn't evident by the way he persevered in those middle sets.

The fourth set was somewhat anticlimactic but no less exhilirating for the Canuck as Pospisil downed Ebden 6-1 to clinch the victory and advance to the third round in Melbourne.

If ever there was a match for Canadians to be proud of, this was it. I'm certainly not content on taking anything away from Milos Raonic or Genie Bouchard but Vasek Pospisil's efforts in his second-round matchup truly showed everyone watching exactly what this rising star in made of. Not only did he have to battle his own injuries but he is off to round number three having disposed of two Australians, both with a significant home-court advantage.

While this is certainly a win to remember, Vasek Pospisil must now regroup and focus his attention on his next opponent - but what a way to get there.