While it was certainly not the end result she had wanted, Romania’s Sorana Cirstea certainly has plenty to be proud looking back on her week in Toronto which included a very successful run to the Rogers Cup Final.

Aside from her straight-sets defeat to Serena Williams, Cirstea was positive about her experience this week which included, to her amazement, the plethora of support she received from fans, many of which hailing from her native Romania.

“I was surprised to see how many Romanians that were out there and how many flags and everyone was wearing yellow T-shirts.

“It was incredible atmosphere and made me feel like home (sic). The whole time when they were screaming, they were just like always supporting me and saying positive things. It was very, very nice to see and I’m very grateful for their support.
“I’m looking forward to come back here because it’s been an amazing week. Hopefully I can keep this going.”

The 23-year-old was also asked to touch on her reaction following her loss to Serena. Cirstea was emotional when speaking to the audience and she was asked whether her reaction had to do with disappointment from her result or the size of the moment getting to her.

“Usually I’m quite emotional but of course I was a little bit disappointed because I wanted to play better. I knew I could play better.

“It was mixed feelings out there, you know. But I think even probably if I would have won today I would still be crying.

“I didn’t expect to be that emotional but that’s me, you know. I hope I gave everyone a nice week even if I didn’t play my best today. Still hopefully they enjoyed the tennis.”

Obviously I can’t speak for everyone but I was certainly given a great week and much of that was thanks to the outstanding play of Sorana Cirstea who certainly deserves a ton of credit for the character and resilience, among other aspects, she displayed all week.

I am definitely looking forward to following Cirstea’s game in both the short-term and long-term future and above all, I do hope to see her return to next year’s Rogers Cup and, at the very least, duplicate her performance this week.