Just about two and a half months in advance of the US Open, four sessions have already sold out with more expected to in the coming days and weeks. Thankfully, Primesport has tennis fans covered when it comes to purchasing US Open tennis tickets. With tickets for all 26 sessions available, from the August 26 first session of the opening round, all the way through the Men’s Final on September 9, Primesport can take you to the main court at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Flushing Meadows to see this year’s US Open champions get crowned. 

Sessions 1-22 of the US Open run through the men’s and women’s quarterfinals. The odd-numbered sessions mark the daytime sessions, which kick off at 11am. The even-numbered sessions are those in the evening, which begin at 7pm. In terms of average ticket prices, it is no big surprise that tickets get progressively more expensive as the tournament goes on. However, get-in prices remain relatively inexpensive and rather consistent throughout the first 22 sessions. Perfectly exemplifying this phenomenon is that while Session 3, a first round day session, prices at an average of $177 dollars with a get-in of $54, Session 21, a Men’s Quarterfinals day session, prices at an average of $329 dollars but carries a get-in tag of $51.

Price by Session (Avg/Get-in):

  • Session 1: $186/$54
  • Session 2: $171/$45
  • Session 3: $177/$54
  • Session 4: $176/$45
  • Session 5: $198/$68
  • Session 6: $200/$50
  • Session 7: $233/$104
  • Session 8: $246/$57
  • Session 9: $302/$103
  • Session 10: $262/$77
  • Session 11: $411/$121
  • Session 12: $422$77
  • Session 13: $364/$104
  • Session 14: $339/$68
  • Session 15: $423/$90
  • Session 16: $240/$59
  • Session 17: $254/$59
  • Session 18: $416/$90
  • Session 19: $273/$68
  • Session 20: $612/$113
  • Session 21: $329/$51
  • Session 22: $751/$100 

Serena Williams captured her fourth career US Open championship in the Women’s tournament last year. Coincidentally, Flushing Meadows was also the site of Serena’s first major championship back in 1999, just about a week after she had turned 18 years old. Session 25, the Women’s final as well as the Men’s Doubles final, takes place on Sunday, September 8, at 12pm. This year’s Women’s Final prices at an average of $516 dollars, with a get-in price of $103.


  • Semifinals: $360/$79
  • Final: $516/$103

Last year, Andy Murray became the first British man since 1936 to win a Grand Slam singles tournament when he took down 2011 US Open champion, Novak Djokovic. Ticket prices for this year’s men’s final are currently the single most expensive ticket of the US Open. Session 26 encompasses solely the Men’s Final, and carries an average ticket price of $921 dollars. Unlike the Women’s Final which carries a significant markup over the semifinals, the Men’s Final only carries a $30 dollar premium over the semifinals. Tickets for the Men’s Semifinal are available for as little as $151 dollars, while the least expensive Men’s Final ticket is currently available through Primesport for just $159 dollars.


  • Semifinals: $891/$151
  • Final: $921/$159